Alex Druar Realtor/ Broker

Wake Forest, NC 27587
484-832-8598  (Cell)

When Alex Druar helped me to sell a distressed property, we both knew it was going to be a lot of hard work. Not only did Alex show the property over 50 times, he would go above and beyond what most realtors would do, like coming to the house in work cloths and help clean before a showing. He had the experience to help me make the property more appealing based on feedback from potential buyers, the wisdom to turn down offers that were not in my best interest, and a network of professionals to help with every aspect of the sale. If he could sell that house, he can sell anything. 

B. Sautner

Alex Druar was an excellent realtor who helped me purchase my first home. He was willing to go anywhere to look at anything and gave positive feedback as to what he thought about the property based on what I had thought I was looking for. Alex walked me through the offer to closing and made sure any details were taken care of in case of an unforeseen problem at closing. Alex was accessible for the whole process and even available during his vacation to Europe. I highly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to purchase a home! 

Ben H.


We were so impressed with Alex Druar's knowledge, tenacity, and support as we purchased our new home. We would not have been able to purchase it without his guidance. He was always available and we will request and refer him in the future!

Marybeth K.

Thank you. It was a pleasure to work with you to sell my parents’ house. I appreciate your proactive style, listing the house, reaching out to other realtors and managing open house. Having an offer within 3 weeks of listing was awesome. Please feel free to let potential clients know that, in my opinion, you are a hardworking, trusted real estate agent.

Phil M.

We have been in our home one week now and a huge shout-out of appreciation for our realtor, Alex! Alex was a source of support, knowledge, and affirmation since we met him on day 1. It took us three months to find our house and move in and he was patient throughout the entire journey. We saw so many house and he never pushed us to buy a house and to settle. He would always tell us pros and cons of all houses in a very professional way and we learned so much from him in the first few weekends we saw houses. By the end of our process, we were able to tell him whats wrong with a house and what's valuable in a house. He did not keep any information from us and that is so important because we felt very settled. When we saw the house that we loved, he moved very quickly and also guided us into making our offer and getting the right deal. Alex was just amazing throughout the entire process and we are so impressed at how much he was able to teach us and be patient with us at the same time. We are happy to refer him to any family, especially first time home owners. Thank you Alex for everything. We are very much enjoying our new home! 

S. Minnick

House-hunting can be an arduous task. My wife and I had similar desires but at the same time we both had personal wishes that seemed at odds with each other. We were looking for a house when the market was tight on inventory. Additionally, we were looking during the winter months and our desired location had to make sense for both of us to make our job commutes reasonable. It would have been difficult for any realtor to satisfy these requests but Alex pulled it off seamlessly. He found us a beautiful house that was perfect for us and was beneath our price range. Alex was great to work with and most of all he was very accommodating. When a potential property came on the marke, Alex always found time for us even with my tight work schedule. I bought properties in the past and this was the best experience I've had to date. I can honestly say, I was shocked in those instances when I was about to pull the trigger on a house that was at or above our price range and Alex would brought up legitimate issues that we should seriously consider before getting too excited. He was objective and I'm glad I listened. Several times, he could have easily sold us a more-expensive house but didn't. For example, we were about to write up the paperwork on a house that my wife wasn't completely excited about and Alex kindly suggested we don't move forward on the property noticing my wife's lack of excitement. Again, he could have easily sold us on all the good aspects of the house to help ease our minds but he didn't. He wanted us to be excited about the property we were going to purchase. Alex was a pleasure to work with and I'm glad we found him. He cares about his clients and really will put you first as a client. He has a strong ethic and I highly recommend him to anyone. I can say that he has been a great agent for us and has also become a friend.

Lou T.

I cannot put into words how thankful my wife and I were to have worked with Alex on helping us find (and close on!) our very first home here in Wake

From the very beginning, he was on top of EVERYTHING. We had an initial sit down to talk about neighborhoods, budget, etc. and he worked to put together a plan that felt so us, so personalized and yet so professional. He sourced homes for us to check out and it wasn't uncommon to receive emails from him in the middle of the night with updates or just checking in. He was also very much in tune with what our priorities on what we want in our home.
On top of everything else, Alex guided us through the entire process with a smile. Besides his sharp professionalism and attention to detail, he brought personality, humor and levity to every single day, something that two nervous first-time buyers appreciated so much. I guess it goes without saying, but Alex will be our agent of choice for all of our future real estate endeavors.

We cannot recommend him enough.

M. Gebhart